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Guide to Restaurant Seating

The right restaurant furniture layout is a very important issue while designing your seating area. The layout determines the efficiency of your venue in providing both the customers and the staff with a relaxing, comfortable and pleasant atmosphere. The main points you need to account for when furnishing your venue are distance and arrangement.
In order to make sure customers won't be bothered by passing staff and other customers you need to place your chairs at least 18" apart from each other. If a chair is near a wall, you need to allow at least 40" of space from the chair to the wall.
Arrangement of Furniture
Using the right furniture arrangement is the key to a successful restaurant. This will help create the right atmosphere while ensuring the staff can work properly.
  • Use High backed seats and the angels between tables to restrict views.
  • Wide spaced tables: Mixing table sizes will help create a visually interesting restaurant. Having a variety of tables also helps you to better re-arrange the seating when having large parties or a sudden flow of large crowds. Keep in mind that square tables allow for more flexibility and are easier to re-arrange.
  • Light chairs are easily moved and do not damage the floor.
  • Heavy chairs are more prestige and luxurious.
  • For more flexibility you might consider storing some extra stackable chairs just in case.