Secret Sandwich Society - Fayetteville, WV

Secret Sandwich Society - Fayetteville, WV

So what’s so secret about the Secret Sandwich Society? This gem of a restaurant is hiding in the sleepy town of Fayetteville WV, home to no more than 2890 inhabitants. It would seem that the place would be empty, situated far from the beaten path and the big city. Yet it draws a crowd regularly, enticing customers with more than just the average fare.


Says one happy customer: “Wow! What a great Roast Beef sandwich! The horseradish mayo, lettuce and tomato always enhance the flavor, but this sandwich adds more. It also comes with bacon, white cheddar and red onions - oh, and served on a toasted baguette - what a tasty sandwich!” This society knows the secret to good food. The menu consists of every sandwich imaginable. A favorite is the Kennedy, featuring a slow roasted pork shoulder, ham, Swiss cheese, and roasted garlic mayo on a butter toasted potato roll. Another popular sandwich is the Hoover, consisting of fried chicken breast, honey butter, pickles and greens. Gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, and dairy free options are on hand- offering something for everyone.

fully padded aluminum restaurant arm chair
Modern & Rustic Decor with an Industrial Touch

Upon entering, one is drawn into a mix of modern and rustic energy with an industrial touch, with wall lamps and recessed spot lighting, stone-tiled floor, and repurposed church pews lining the walls. The full picture windows let in a natural glow, and the wood paneled walls easily blend with the choice of furniture. A covered patio area offers outdoor dining without exposure to the elements, offering a view of the trees and countryside from its bar height tables.

Rustic Furniture

Rustic furniture for commercial venues typically embraces a charming, vintage-inspired aesthetic that adds warmth and character to the space. It is often handcrafted using natural materials like wood, wrought iron, and reclaimed materials, giving each piece a unique and rustic appeal.

Solid Wood Table Top

Our Solid Wood Butcher Block Table Tops compliment the décor, accenting the rustic vibe of the space. Crafted from premium solid wood and made of locally sourced American materials, these tops are customizable in size, shape, and finish. A seven-stage finishing process ensures the tables will keep their visual appeal even in high-traffic areas.

Wall Bench

The church-pew wall benches are similar to our Wood Bench with Beadboard Back , which is customizable in length, height, and booth shape. Available with a wood, semi or fully padded back and a wood or padded vinyl seat, our Wood Bench can be tailored to fit any rustic, traditional, or contemporary commercial venue.

Wood Restaurant Chairs

One would think the muted black wood finish on the Giselle Wood Chair would make the interior gloomy and dark. This chair does the opposite. It compliments the authentic wood on the wall benches, and allows the table tops to become the focal point, highlighting their natural finish.

fully padded aluminum restaurant arm chair
Giselle Wood Chair

The Giselle Wood Chair is available in a variety of wood finishes, effortlessly blending with a range of design styles. It is offered with a choice of solid wood, padded vinyl or fabric upholstery. Crafted with sleek lines and the durability of wood, this chair compliments almost any environment such as restaurants, cafes, bistros, or pubs. With tits gently curved back, a comfortable seating experience is assured.

The Bar

The bar area holds one of the society’s best kept secrets- their secret sprits. From the Espresso Martini to the High Beam, this small-town joint has cornered the market on premium cocktails. A popular choice among patrons is the Kickback Mule, with vodka, ginger beer, habanero syrup and lime. A portion of the proceeds from this drink go to their monthly charity donation. The bar itself offers a modern twist, with the honeycomb tiling and black paneled walls. The laminate countertop shines in the lights of the bar, and tasteful greenery and top-shelf sprits on the shelves above the bar completes the look.

fully padded aluminum restaurant arm chair
Giselle Wood Bar Stool

Notice our Giselle Wood Bar Stools lining the bar. These stools are crafted with a wood frame, back, and seat, with a reinforcement bar that doubles as a footrest. With their curved backs, sleek lines, and black wood finish, these stools offer comfort and assure longevity, even in the bustling bar of this establishment. A range of wood finishes are available to fit various design themes.

If you’re ever in West Virginia for rafting, hiking, or just a road trip, become a member of the Secret Sandwich Society. All it takes is a hearty appetite. Find out more about the restaurant at Secret Sandwich Society Website