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Choosing the Right Commercial Outdoor Furniture

Choosing the right patio furniture for your restaurant is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Your restaurant's patio is an extension of your indoor dining space and should reflect the same level of care and consideration in its design. While aesthetics is important, there are other factors to consider when selecting outdoor restaurant furniture. First, durability and weather resistance should be a top consideration. Outdoor furniture should be able to withstand the elements and remain in good condition for years to come. Second, comfort is key.

Your customers will not enjoy their dining experience if the furniture is uncomfortable to sit on for an extended period of time. Look for furniture with a comfortable design. As well, functionality and space optimization are important. Choose furniture that is easy to clean and maintain, and that can be easily moved or stacked to accommodate different seating arrangements. By considering these factors, you can select patio furniture that not only complements your restaurant's style, but also provides a comfortable and functional outdoor dining area for your customers.

Choose Patio Furniture That Best Matches Your Needs

When designing an outdoor patio space, it is essential to consider the intended function of the area in order to determine the appropriate materials and styles. If the goal is to have many customers regularly and seat guests for dining, a patio dining set with tables and patio arm chairs would be the most suitable choice. This would create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for diners to enjoy their meals. On the other hand, if the intention is to create a social hangout spot, small tables would be more appropriate. This would encourage interaction and provide a more casual seating arrangement.

Factors such as climate and durability should also be taken into consideration when selecting materials for the patio. For instance, if the patio will be exposed to harsh weather conditions, it is be necessary to choose materials that are weather-resistant and can withstand the various elements. Additionally, the style of the patio should align with the overall aesthetic of the establishment, creating a cohesive design. By carefully considering the function of the outdoor space and selecting appropriate materials and styles, a patio can be transformed into a functional and inviting area for guests to enjoy.

Types of Patio Furniture Materials

When it comes to patio furniture, there are various types available in the market to suit different needs and preferences.

  • Resin - can be manufactured to mimic the appearance of different materials such as wood, metal or stone. It can be molded into various shapes, allowing for versatility and creativity in design.
  • Faux rattan - gives a rustic and natural look to the patio space. This type of furniture is also known for its easy cleaning process, making it a convenient choice for those who prioritize low maintenance.
  • Synthetic wicker - combines the beauty of natural wicker with enhanced durability and weather resistance.
  • Aluminum - is commonly used for patio furniture, as it is lightweight, doesn't rust or corrode in inclement weather, and requires minimal maintenance.
  • Synthetic teak - another popular option for outdoor furniture, as it is able to withstand UV rays and maintain its color and appearance over time.

Measure Your Patio Space

Before purchasing patio furniture, it is important to measure the space you are planning to furnish. This will help you determine what configurations, styles, colors, materials, and shapes will work best in your outdoor area. Just like indoor furniture, outdoor furniture requires the same spacing and positioning constraints. Different styles of patio furniture also have different space requirements, so measuring your space beforehand can ensure that you choose the right furniture that will fit comfortably.

Let Us Help

At Seating Masters, we recognize that there are various elements to consider when choosing the ideal patio furniture for your space. Our goal is to support you every step of the way, ensuring that you select patio furniture that not only serves its intended purpose but also enhances the aesthetics of your outdoor area. With our team of seasoned professionals, you can expect personalized assistance and guidance throughout the decision-making process. Whether you have a specific vision in mind for your dream patio or deck, or you need expert advice on the best options available, our dedicated team is ready to help. Reach out to us today and let's embark on creating your dream outdoor space.

Frequently asked questions

What is The Best Type of Outdoor Restaurant Seating?

At Seating Masters, we believe that there is no universally "best" type of patio furniture. Recognizing the diverse and unique outdoor environments that our customers may have, we have developed an extensive variety of patio pieces that are specifically engineered for outdoor use. Each piece in our collection offers distinct benefits depending on the specific outdoor environment it will be placed in. For instance, our aluminum patio furniture is resistant to rust, making it an excellent choice for coastal or humid areas where moisture can be a concern. On the other hand, our wrought iron furniture is renowned for its sturdiness and considerable weight, making it an ideal solution for windy locations where stability is critical. Ultimately, our mission is to provide our customers with a wide range of high-quality patio furniture options that are carefully crafted to thrive in various outdoor settings.

Can Patio Furniture Get Hot?

Any furniture piece, especially those designed for patios, can get hot when exposed to direct sunlight. Materials such as wrought iron and steel tend to retain more heat and therefore require a longer cooling period. In contrast, furniture made of aluminum or synthetic teak will cool down relatively quickly once they are no longer in direct contact with the sun. To minimize sun exposure and ensure a more comfortable outdoor seating experience, we offer large patio umbrellas and waterproof seat cushions. These accessories not only provide shade and comfort but also help to reduce the heat transferred to the furniture, creating a more pleasant environment for your guests.

What Maintenance and Care is Required for Outdoor Furniture?

Our patio furniture is specifically designed to be low maintenance, minimizing the time and effort required for upkeep. However, it is still recommended to periodically inspect and clean the furniture for both aesthetic and hygienic reasons. Cleaning up spilled food and drinks can be easily accomplished with warm soapy water, while rinsing off dust and dirt can be done with a standard garden hose. It's worth noting that although our furniture is engineered for outdoor use, prolonged exposure to the sun and UV rays may result in some fading. To protect against this, it is advisable to use covers or move the furniture indoors during the off season if space allows.