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Wood Seat Comparison: Solid vs. Plywood

Many restaurant furniture vendors offer "wood seats" as an option on their chairs, but you may be in for an unpleasant surprise when you actually receive the product. Unfortunately, many restaurant furniture distributors advertise wood seats, but actually provide a cheap plywood seat that doesn't stand the test of time in a busy commercial environment.
  • Solid wood seats are characterized by the real beauty of the wood with the grain; plywood seats will have a flat, grainless look.
  • Solid wood seats are much thicker than plywood.
  • Solid wood seats do not have the tendency to crack over time like plywood seats. They are much more likely to last you for years, no matter how busy your restaurant.
When you see "wood seats" advertised, you must always ask the question, "Is this a solid wood seat or a plywood seat." A plywood seat made of thin layers of wood is not nearly as durable as a solid wood seat, comprised entirely of solid wood.
Solid Wood Seat vs Plywood Seat
Seating Masters' solid wood seats are far superior to the competition's cheap plywood seats. See below our comparison of the two very different types of "wood seats."
Wood Seats Comparison
A solid wood seat looks better and is more durable than a plywood seat. Be sure to ask your restaurant furniture vendor what his "wood seats" are comprised of. Please call our customer service representatives for all of your questions on restaurant chairs.
Thinkness differences between Solid Wood Seat and Plywood Seat
Wood Stain
Our solid wood seats have many advantages over the competition's plywood seats, including their much more attractive appearance.
Stain differences between Solid Wood and Plywood Seats.