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Wood Restaurant Chairs Comparison Chart

Seating Masters is not only a supplier, but also a manufacturer of fine wood chairs. Our restaurant chairs are designed specifically for use in a commercial environment, unlike the competition. In this wood chairs guide we highlight for you what makes our chairs last longer and provide greater comfort and stability for your patrons. We ship our wood chairs fully assembled and ready to use immediately, unlike the competition that ships their chairs in a "knock-down" form that requires time-consuming assembly. Make sure that you ask your furniture vendor the following questions when purchasing a wood chair:
  • Are these chairs shipped fully assembled?
  • Did they undergo weight and durability testing?
  • Do you specialize in furniture made specifically for a commercial environment?
  • Can I see live samples of restaurants that are using your furniture?
If the answer to these questions is 'No', you are likely going to have to waste a great deal of money replacing your chairs in a matter of 1-2 years. Make sure you are buying commercial-grade chairs from a quality vendor before completing your purchase. Call our customer service experts with all of your questions about restaurant chairs.

Our Restaurant Furniture vs the Competition
These chairs, which appear to be similar at first glance, are actually completely different on closer inspection.

Restaurant Chairs Comparison
Our restaurant chairs vs the competition at arrival
Seating Masters' wood chairs come fully assembled and ready to use, as opposed to other manufacturers who ship their chairs in "knock-down" form. We make it easier for you.
Restaurant Chairs as they ship out
The durability of our restaurant chairs vs the competition
Our chairs are built to last and withstand heavy use and abuse in a busy commercial environment. That means using extra wood, thicker cross sections and bolstering pressure points with heavy-duty steel. Durable wood screws are used to glue and screw all connecting points together. Our furniture is tested and approved by the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer's Association (BIFMA) , which allows us to warrant furniture free from factory defects for two years.
Restaurant Chairs as they ship out
Durability of restaurant chairs
Our restaurant chairs are much more comfortable!
We separate ourselves from the competition by offering a wider back rest which grants our chairs a superior level of comfort. Our chairs feature a back rest that is at least 1/2" wider than that of the competition.
Comfort comparison for restauraut furniture