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Free Restaurant Booths Calculator

Seating Masters is a leading manufacturer of quality, commercial-grade restaurant booths.

Our useful Booth Calculator tool helps you determine how many booths you can fit against a given wall in your restaurant's dining area.

For custom booth sizes and shapes, U or L shaped, 3/4 circles, or any other different kind of booth, please call our customer service representatives at: (888) 941-6888.
To use the calculator all you have to do is:
  • Choose the desired layout: Wall or 90 degree (for regular shaped booths only).
  • Enter in feet & inches the size of the space to be filled (i.e. 6'4" or 76" should be entered as 6 (Feet) 4 (inches) in the correctly assigned box).
  • Submit the data and wait for the result.
Please enter your layout:
Wall Bench
90 Degree
Please enter your wall size - Feet: Inches: