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Laminated Table Tops

Seating Masters offers a wide variety of laminate table tops in different styles to fit any venue or budget. From melamine reversible table tops in a number of wood grain finishes to our Werzalit-Austria table tops made for outdoor and indoor use, we have a table top to fit any taste. Our table tops come in different shapes, sizes and colors, giving you the opportunity to customize them to your establishment.

Paired with our wide array of restaurant table bases, our custom laminate table tops made to your specifications can help you design the table of your dreams and make your establishment's interior design just as you imagined it. Select the right size table top for your venue and the options that fit your decor and put the craftsmen at Seating Masters to work. Our customer service staff can help you choose the right table bases for the table tops of your choice.

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Price: $34.00
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