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Granite Table Tops

Seating Masters' Granite Table Tops are the ultimate in elegance for any restaurant or bar that wants to make a winning impression on its customers. Beautiful enough for indoor use, but durable enough to withstand the conditions of outdoor seating, our Granite Table Tops come in premium and economy varieties, both of which are constructed to last.

Paired with one of our chrome table bases, our Granite Table Tops provide a stylish alternative to ordinary restaurant seating. You can customize these table tops to your venue by choosing from a variety of sizes and granite colors, including Ruby Red, Black Galaxy, Giallo Gold or Uba-Tuba. Seating Masters's Granite Table Tops are the right choice for your venue if you are looking to make an instant splash that will take your establishment to the next level.

Price: $281.00
Price: $293.00
Price: $77.00