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Table Bases

Seating Masters offers an array of table bases, built to last the test of time in a commercial environment and priced to fit any restaurateur's tight budget. While table bases are easily overlooked as a minor component of your restaurant’s design, they are actually the foundation of your venue’s layout.

Whether you are looking for X Prong Table Bases, Round Table Bases, Bolt Down Table Bases or Chrome Table Bases, our customer service representatives can help you make the right choice. We can ensure you choose the right table base to match your table tops and fit in with the rest of your venue.

Our table bases are constructed of the finest materials and are expertly-crafted to withstand the wear-and-tear of daily use in a busy restaurant environment. Ask the restaurant furniture experts at Seating Masters which combination of table top and base is most convenient for you. We have the experience to know, not only which base will look the best, but also which combinations will allow you to easily move tables for cleaning, which bases are best for outdoor use and which bases might look better in your venue's bar area.

Call Seating Masters customer service representatives today for all your questions about our wide selection of high-quality table bases.

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