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Folding Chairs

Seating Masters’ is here to help you determine the best seating for your business and help you fulfill your furnishing needs. Our folding chairs are a convenient seating option for a variety events, gatherings and venues looking for affordable solutions. Easy to clean and maintain, our restaurant folding chairs are an essential for entertaining guests during a big game or party.

Available at wholesale prices, we highly recommend you stock up on these quality commercial folding chairs. Choose from a number of finishes, materials, and designs to find the folding chair that highlights your style the best. Built to serve the food and hospitality industry, these folding chairs are guaranteed to last you many years of services.

(SKU: SM-F113 )
Price: $17.99
(SKU: SM-YCD-61)
Price: $30.99
(SKU: SM-MC4310)
Price: $36.99
(SKU: SM-XF-31012)
Price: $43.00