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Chiavari and Ballroom Chairs

Seating Masters' Chiavari and Ballroom chairs provide a unique combination of structural strength, elegance and practicality that make them ideal for restaurants, banquet halls, hotels or any venue that houses events.

We offer a variety of Chiavari chairs in wood, metal, steel core resin and aluminum, all built to withstand the rigors of use in a commercial environment. Seating Masters' Chiavari chairs come in a variety of price ranges to ensure that we have a chair to fit every budget.

The Chiavari chair features a sophisticated look to fit in the most glamorous of settings, but is surprisingly lightweight and easily stackable making it the preferred choice for event halls and caterers.

These chairs are available in a number of different finishes, allowing for maximum compatibility with any venue and can also be ordered with a foam cushion for those who wish to offer patrons maximum comfort.

(SKU: #SM-3100-WH)
Price: $64.00
(SKU: #SM-3100-GL)
Price: $64.00
(SKU: #SM-3100-CV)
Price: $64.00
(SKU: #SM-3100-SV)
Price: $64.00
(SKU: #SM-3105-SI)
Price: $71.00