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Restaurant Arm Chairs

Seating Masters is proud to present you with its fine collection of high quality restaurant chairs with armrest. Available in metal or wood, these chairs are designed to outfit your venue according to your layout. These chairs are made of excellent craftsmanship with the best materials to ensure many years of services in any busy commercial environment. Aside for good service and food, d├ęcor and comfortable seating is paramount. These chairs are exactly what you need to attract and maintain your customers.

Our experts understand that each venue has its own furnishing needs. That is why we manufacture these chairs in a wide variety of styles and finishes to ensure that you find what you are looking for. With upholstery options available as well, these chairs can also be custom made to meet your specifications. Superior in quality yet affordably priced, these chairs are budget-friendly but will last you many years of services.

(SKU: #SM-US-200-AR)
Price: $153.00
(SKU: #SM-4000-WA)
Price: $95.50
(SKU: #SM-US-205-AR)
Price: $153.00
(SKU: #SM-4003-AR)
Price: $100.00
(SKU: #SM-4004-WA)
Price: $81.50
(SKU: #SM-US-245-AR)
Price: $159.00
(SKU: #SM-US-220-AR)
Price: $159.00
(SKU: #SM-US-225-AR)
Price: $157.00
(SKU: #SM-4009-AR)
Price: $108.00
(SKU: SM-ERAT-444)
Price: $132.00
Price: $153.00