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Restaurant Dining Booths

Seating Masters offers a wide variety of standard and customizable restaurant booths which are guaranteed to make your restaurant's layout a great success. Restaurant booths, properly combined with restaurant tables and chairs, can offer your venue a number of advantages. Booths are ideal for making optimal use of dining area space, for allowing faster access to wait staff, for ensuring easy clean-up, for offering privacy for customers and granting maximum comfort to families.

Our expert customer service staff can help you determine how many booths can fit in your dining area and how various shaped booths can make optimal use of your space. Booths can be laid out banquet-style against the wall, they can be single or double, facing each other, or can be customized into L, 3/4 or U shapes.

Seating Masters' vast variety of booth styles, as well as our array of upholstery options guarantee you can find a booth to fit the unique vision for your venue. We also offer standard, classic booths that can be shipped in a matter of days and fit into any restaurant owner's tight budget.

Call the restaurant seating experts at Seating Masters today to for all your questions on restaurant layout, booth shapes and styles, as well as customizable options.

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