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Swivel Bar Stools

Seating Masters’ swivel bar stools can help add needed style to any venue at prices that are affordable for any budget. We offer an array of styles, materials, upholstery options and colors to help ensure no matter what the specific needs of your venue are, you will be sure to find a swivel bar stool that is just what you are looking for at the low price you expect from Seating Masters.

From Ladder Back to Window Back, fully upholstered, chrome or backless, Seating Masters has the swivel bar stool for you. Enhance the style of your venue and increase your customer's enjoyment with a stylish swivel today.

(SKU: #SM-4000-SVBS)
Price: $124.00
(SKU: #SM-4000-SVBS-AR)
Price: $149.00
(SKU: #SM-4000-SVBS-BD)
Price: $124.00
(SKU: #SM-4003-SVBS)
Price: $113.00
(SKU: #SM-4004-SVBS)
Price: $122.00
(SKU: #SM-4004-SVBS-AR)
Price: $147.00
(SKU: #SM-4013-SVBS)
Price: $124.00
(SKU: #SM-4008-SVBS)
Price: $142.00
(SKU: SM-4014-SVBS)
Price: $142.00
(SKU: #SM-4006-SVBS)
Price: $142.00
Price: $145.00
Price: $153.00
Price: $153.00
Price: $159.00
(SKU: #SM-3703-BS)
Price: $77.00
(SKU: #SM-3702-BS)
Price: $83.00
(SKU: #SM-3904-BS)
Price: $89.00
(SKU: #SM-3902-BS)
Price: $118.00
(SKU: #SM-3901-BS)
Price: $125.00
(SKU: #SM-3708-BS)
Price: $132.00
(SKU: SM-800-120-VNLBL)
Price: $98.00
Price: $106.00
(SKU: SM-BSB-3900)
Price: $143.00
(SKU: SM-BSB-4003-BF)
Price: $175.00
(SKU: SM-BSB-4000)
Price: $175.00