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Popular Restaurant Chairs & Bar Stools, Table Tops and Booths

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Price: $104.00
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Price: $72.50
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Price: $430.00

Commercial Furniture for Restaurants, Bars and Dining Venues

Welcome to Seating Masters! If you are looking for restaurant furniture, then you have come to the right place! Our friendly customer service will help you browse through our large inventory, which features high quality stylish and versatile furniture, to find the perfect furnishing for your establishment.

Our furniture is ideal for all venue types, from restaurants, bars, lounges, and sidewalk bistros, to casinos, hotels, libraries and more. We can accommodate all your seating needs with our chairs, bar stools, booths and more, while matching your design, decor, and most importantly your budget.

With our flexible delivery schedules, Quick-Ship program, and various on-sale items, Seating Masters strives to meet your needs both now and in the future. Our expertise and experience is why we are great at what we do. We make sure our customers receive high quality items at low prices. At Seating Masters our customers are never just an account number; they are people just like us that deserve the best shopping experience possible!

We invite you to explore our website and take a virtual tour of our products and customization options, including pricing, sales and shipping. Don`t forget to go over our detailed learning center where you will be able to better plan your space and your commercial furniture needs based on your design needs and space limitations. For more information and advice contact us toll free at (888) 941-6888 or email us.