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As the top manufacturer of commercial grade restaurant furniture in North America, Seating Masters has acquired a world of experience and expertise in the art of restaurant design. Our Help Center gives you the advantage of our experience by aiding you to furnish your restaurant and determine the best layout possible.

We offer advice on all facets of planning a restaurant's layout, as well as providing a host of interactive tools that will help you benefit from our vast experience in the hospitality industry.

Seating Master's Help Center offers guides on seating, layout, finding the right restaurant furniture and we have an amazing, interactive 3D Booth Designer and a Booth Space Planning tool.

For any further questions about restaurant furniture and layout you can always call our customer service experts at: (888) 941-6888

Design and Layout
  • Restaurant Layout & Design - Our experts can help you determine what the most efficient layout is for you. Seating Masters will work with you to find where your tables, chairs and booths should be optimally placed to make your vision of a great restaurant a reality.
  • Seating Guide - If you need a little help on how to best arrange your furniture and seat your patrons, this seating guide will provide some key tips to point you in the right direction.
Table Tops and Bases
  • Seating Capacity - Try our handy seating capacity diagram to determine what size and shape of table is best for you, depending upon the size of your dining area and your expectations for customer capacity.
  • Table Tops & Bases Guide - Check out this guide providing basic information on what table tops are ideal for certain types of restaurants and let our easy chart help you determine what size table base is ideal for table bases of different sizes and shapes.
Restaurant Chairs
  • Wood Chairs Guide - - Use this guide to find out what differentiates a quality commercial restaurant chair from all the pretenders.
  • Solid Wood Seats - Not every restaurant furniture supplier that advertises "wood seats" is providing the real thing. See this guide on what makes a real, quality wood seat.
  • BIFMA Approved - Our high quality commercial chairs undergo rigorous testing and our approved by the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer's Association.
  • Why Buy our Furniture? - Check out what makes our furniture superior and see pictures of our in-house manufacturing process.
Restaurant Booths
  • 3D Booths Designer - Pick from our list of style and color options to see a three-dimensional representation of what the booth of your dreams will look like.
  • Booth Space Planner - Unsure of how many booths you can fit into your dining area? Use this interactive tool to help you plan.