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Black Aluminum Patio Tables with Faux Teak Top SM-AFTT-BF-TK
  • Weatherproof
  • Strong lightweight aluminum frame
  • Imitation teak slats
  • Plastic floor glides
  • Total Height: 30"
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This outdoor table set is sure to impress your guests with its beauty and natural look. A great alternative to genuine teak which has the all the benefits of being weather resistant, waterproof and UV resistant without the drawbacks. Unlike genuine teak which is susceptible to unsightly stains from food, wine, coffee, oil and mildew stains, the imitation teak is stain resistant. Also the imitation teak won’t fade and turn gray. Also if you intend to store your furniture inside during the winter, the change in temperature can cause teak timbers to split, this won’t happen with imitation teak.

The table has black aluminum trim and an aluminum table base. Both materials are lighter than wood and steel making it easy to move the table for storage or to meet changing seating requirements. The table base is waterproof and will not rust. You can also pair this table with imitation teak chairs or bar stools in natural teak finish for a complete look.